What I'm Packing in my hospital bag

Updated: Jun 3

I'm still in awe that the time has finally come! Nate and I are both so ready to meet our sweet little guy, and cannot wait for all of you meet him as well.

First off, I just want to mention I am a new mom and naturally an over packer haha. So bare with me as I over pack for the hospital. I swear you would think I was either moving in or planning to stay there for at least a couple weeks haha. Oh well, better safe than sorry. Also, thanks so much for all of your advice during this packing process because I had no clue what to bring at first.

So after a lot of research I decided to go with the most commonly suggested items as well a few of your suggested items such as a trash bag or bag for our dirty clothes. It didn't even occur to me that most of items of clothing will probably end up dirtier/smellier than they would on a typical day, haha.


- 3 sets of Pajamas gowns.

- 1 set of pajamas with pants (typically I'm not a fan of pants especially while sleeping, but I've heard with a C-section I am going to want someone on to help me not feel like I'm falling out). So I will be bringing this to wear if that's the same case for me.

- Belly band to help keep everything tucked in.

- Going home outfit

- Nursing pads

- Slides and Slippers

- Makeup: Mascara, tinted moisturizer, & powder

- Shower items (shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash)

- Toothbrush/Toothpaste

- Earth Mama Nipple Butter / Nipple & Lip Butter (couldn't decide which one I wanted). I will say the Nipple and lip butter has done wonders for my lips!

- Hair: hairbrush, ponytails

- Chapstick & Deodorant

- Shower towel

- Dermoplast (spray numb)

- Nursing bras (I got 2 different styles)

- Fuzzy socks with grips on the bottom

- Frida Delivery gown

- Tucks

- Frida C-Section Recovery Kit

- Frida Labor and Delivery + Postpartum Recovery Kit (won't actually need this since we will be doing the C-section route, but wanted to keep it packed in case Liam does decide to flip last second.

- Breast milk storage bags

- Softshell breast shells for sore nipples

- Breastfeeding nipple shield (just in case)