#TrendAlert: T-shirt, Skirts, and Sneakers

Shirt: Target // Skirt: American Eagle // Shoes: H&M // Sunglasses: Amazon // Necklace: H&M // Lip Stick: shade Seduction

The fact that my Cash is being spent on comfy t-shirts and sneakers because of this amazing trend makes my heart extremely HAPPY! There is nothing more comforting than knowing you can put on a comfy t-shirt and sneakers with a skirt and it be called fashion. I went to an Expo event in Dallas this past weekend and I wore this skirt with sandals, I only wore sandals because I couldn't find my 1 missing sneaker, and was contemplating on the drive over if I should have worn heels or not. There is no way my feet would have survived walking around that event for 2+ hours in heels. So to whom ever made sneakers a "thing," I say bless you! My feet will forever be grateful.

My exact skirt is linked above. It’s from American Eagle and on sale for $15! I’ve linked some other great skirt options below. My shirt is from Target and is only $13.

Much Love, Reba Faye




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