Travel Diaries: New Orleans

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This was the second time I've had the privilege of visiting New Orleans. Before going, many people expressed to me this will either be a city you love or hate. After visiting Nola I can understand why they would say that. It's honestly pretty dirty, a little smelly, and a pretty crowded placed. Even with all that, I love it so much and would go back there for a third, fourth, and fifth visit! I loved the people, the music (it plays everywhere you walk), the entertainment, the architecture, the food, and infectious "let's all have a good time" attitude. I also love to dance. So imagine me in a place where music seriously plays everywhere all day and night... talk about my happy place. Everywhere you walk you hear music from either the stores/clubs, street performers, or marching bands walking down the roads. It's amazing!

My first visit to New Orleans was for my bachelorette party in 2017. Our first night there we all claimed we were just going to have a chill night of exploring and getting to know the area.... little did we know that would be one of the craziest nights of the weekend. Nola sucked all of us in from the moment our feet hit Bourbon Street. That night began by taking a random shot from a stranger on the street (not our brightest idea), finding a beer the size of my arm, and then danced the night away in a bar that we basically had all to ourselves. We also went on a Swamp tour that weekend, which in all honestly was a lot of fun! This city will not disappoint if you trying to take a break from reality.

My second trip there was quick, but still amazing! During this trip though, I was able to try Cafe Du Monde. Nate and his sister will try to convince you they have the best hot chocolate in the world.... not so sure I agree with that, but their beignets were out of this world.

Where We Stayed

Marriott New Orleans- We stayed here for the bachelorette party and it was perfect. It was located right around the corner (.2 miles) from bourbon street. It's perfect for big groups sharing rooms. Plus, the front desk service was great.

French Market Inn- My personal fave out of the two. It's a located in French Quarter. 3 blocks away from Cafe Du Monde (a lot closer than Marriott) and 3 blocks away from Bourbon Street. There is also a coffee shop right next door to this hotel. My absolute favorite detail was the architecture and design of the hotel and rooms.

Things I Did/Ate:

  1. Bourbon Street: This street is a non-stop party! Seriously, everything stays open all night and day. Be prepared to dance, enjoy some beverages, listen to music, and people watch.

  2. Swamp Tour: We booked our swamp tour through Honey Island Swamp Tours and I was very impressed. I had never seen anything like it and it was kind of scary how many alligators swim up to the boats. During the tour, the guide fed the alligators hot dogs so everyone can get an up close and personal view. Who knows, you may even get like me and have the opportunity to drive the boat, for being the bride. You will never know unless you ask.

  3. Carousel Bar & Lounge: This bar is inside of Hotel Monteleone, but is available to the public, not just hotel guest. We just stayed here for one drink, but honestly it was super cool to see a revolving carousel bar inside a building.

  4. Pat O'Briens: This bar was huge! It has a mini bar, patio area, and piano lounge. This is also where we tried Nola's famous hurricane drink. Yum!

  5. Cafe Du Monde: You can't visit New Orleans without trying a beignet from here. No worries, you will have plenty of time to stop by because they are open 24 hours a day.

  6. St. Louis Cathedral: I didn't actually go into the cathedral but we walked around it. There are shops, street performers, and artists set up all around the court yard. This last time we saw a guy put on a magic show that was honestly very impressive. I'm still in awe of how he pulled a signed $20 dollar bill out of lemon. Earlier in the show he asked for someone to give a $20 bill for a magic trick and only one brave soul offered her money up. He had her sign the $20 dollar bill and then continued on with the show forgetting about the money until the very end.

  7. Jimmy J's Cafe: This cafe is super tiny and normally has a very long line, but you must try it!! They are only open from 7 am- 3 pm and they make everything from scratch. This was by far one of my favorite food spots.

  8. Steamboat Natchez Daytime Jazz Cruise- This Jazz Cruise is actually located right across from the French Market Inn.

  9. Crescent City Pizza Works: Hands down one of the best pizzas I've ever had! If you like BBQ pizzas then you must try their BBQ Pork pizza. Their slices are the size of my head.

Here is a link of other things you can do while in New Orleans, as well.

This city is beyond amazing and definitely keeps you busy. I'm thinking I need another girls trip there soon.. any takers?

Sincerely, Reba Faye

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