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Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes our fairs! This year was my first time to attend the State Fair of Texas and I will definitely be going back. The colors, sounds, and smells were prodigious! It was a really cool environment that made you feel like a kid again. I went not knowing what to expect, so there are things and food I missed out on due to lack of knowledge and planning. I don't want ya'll to miss out on the full experience so I'll be sharing some tips and insight into attending the State Fair of Texas.

Things to know:

  • It's a bit pricey. Don't expect to enjoy everything the fair has to offer without spending a few dollars.

  • Wear walking shoes, I mean it.

  • HIGHLY recommend attending on an empty stomach.

  • Bring cash for parking (we paid $20 and parked in a lot within a quarter mile from the entrance) if you get lucky and park at the official state fair parking lot it's $15.

  • Open Sunday-Thursday 10am-9pm and Friday-Saturday 10am-10pm.

  • Allowed to Bring: Wagons for small children, outside personal food, drinks, and coolers not containing glass, metal, or outside alcohol.

  • Not allowed: pets, selfies sticks, tripods, large signs, air horns, bicycles, skateboards, and roller skates. They do have a place to park your bicycles at Gates 5, 6, and 11.


  • Beware of when the Red River Rivalry is (that's the OU/UT football game that takes place at the Cotton Bowl stadium every year in October). I would strongly suggest not to attend the fair on game day unless you're a fan of the team or enjoy being around about 100,000 OU/UT fans. I only suggest this because once the game ended, the fair became extremely packed because most people watching the game joined the fair (this year was estimated to be about 92,000 people at the game)! If you are a fan of either school, then this might just be the place for you because everyone was dressed up supporting their team, they had the game playing on several TVs around the fair and everyone was so pumped.

  • Save up money and be prepared to spend around $50-100 (if not more) on coupons for food, games, and rides. You use the coupons as money inside the fair. They have coupon stands all over the place that accept cards or cash. Just to give an idea of prices it cost 20 coupons per person to ride the Ferris wheel, and a Fletcher's corn dog was 12 coupons. Below is a break down of coupon options (unfortunately, you can't bu them individually)

  1. $30 = 60 coupons

  2. $20 = 40 coupons

  3. $10 = 20 coupons

  • Buy your tickets online because they offer discounted prices that could save you a couple dollars in the end. Also, be sure to look into their discounts before booking your trip. For example, they have a Dr Pepper Half Priced Tuesday Deal that allows you bring an empty Dr Pepper can to the gate on any Tuesday during the Fair and receive a $9 admission ticket.

  • Next year I will go in the evening and on a week day to avoid the heavy crowd and to enjoy the cooler temperature.

  • Be willing to embrace your inner child and have fun!


3921 Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd. Dallas, TX 75210

I hope this helps! Don't miss your chance to enjoy the yummy foods, games, rides, concerts, and activities. They are open Monday through Sunday until October 21st. Be sure to check their website for deals and events happening each day.

Much Love, Reba




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