The Season of Giving: What Does That Mean to You?

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love everything about it! The lights, the foods, the smells, giving gifts, and more importantly, the message. But the number one reason why I love Christmas is because of the joy it can bring to everyone. Unfortunately, Christmas isn't always a joyful time of the year for some, and I fear that's because they get caught up in the stress of how much they believe they need to spend on presents.

It started to make me sick to my stomach thinking about how such a magical time of the year can bring someone else so much heartache.The joy behind Christmas is in recognizing the Love that comes with it. Giving lot's of tangible gifts can be fun, but that's not what giving should only be about. Giving your time, your laughter, your personalized touch, and your love will always be enough. Don't let your head get filled with the idea that the only way to enjoy this time of year is by putting yourself in a situation where you're either in debt or starting the new year by struggling financially. If you are stressed about breaking the bank, just know it's okay to buy less and cheaper gifts. Focus on the meaning behind the gift you're giving. Let's say you have a friend or family member that loves staying home and cozy. Focus on getting them something that will support that: fuzzy socks, planning a a movie night package, a cozy blanket, or take this opportunity to let your gift be a quality night of hanging out and staying cozy with them. It's all about the way your gift makes them feel, not necessarily about the price tag.

So what does giving mean to me? When I think of the word "giving" I think how can I be of service for others? Therefore my gifts are not always tangible. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love giving tangible gifts sometimes because I love watching their face light up, but normally my gifts are through my words and actions. I encourage you this Christmas to not make it all about what your going to buy or how much you're going to spend, but instead make it about what you can do for that person that will bring them joy. For example, this year I'll be attempting to make sugar cookies for my next door neighbors and coworkers. I know I'm not the best at baking, but I know this is something that is affordable and will also be appreciated by the people I am making them for. Fingers crossed I don't burn the cookies this year:)

Much Love,

Reba Faye




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