The Perfect Causal Outfit For The Couch & On The Go

(Lounge Set: Sisterology / Shoes: Amazon / Hat: Urban Outfitters)

It's safe to say lounge sets have become a popular item for 2020. I'm particularly a fan of this cute set because it's comfy enough to lounge around in, where to brunch, or in my case wear to the lake. While we were out at the lake, we saw the most adorable proposal happen. The fiancé and his photographer set up a romantic picnic right on the cliff over looking the lake. His girlfriend and soon to be bride pulled up expecting to just take couples photos, but little did she know he had something much bigger planned.

Seeing this brought up memories of my own proposal. Nate proposed to me at a lake during sunset as well. He managed to get my family and friends all there without me ever finding out what was about to happen. I still cannot believe he pulled it off! Truthfully, Nate is not the best at keeping secrets so the fact that he completely surprised me still to this day blows my mind and makes me smile.

I woke up January 10, 2016 thinking it would be like any other day. I actually had a busy day planned, little did I know he was the mastermind of my busy day. My best friend had made plans to be in town that weekend and asked if we could grab lunch and get our nails done to catch up on life. Naturally, I agreed because it had been a while since we last saw each other. A couple of weeks before that my other best friend, Courtney, scheduled a photo session with me for her and her boyfriend. She told me she wanted sunset pictures taken at the dock on the lake. That morning, Courtney texted me and asked if we could go on a double date after I took their photos. I asked Nate and he said sure. Again, I was oblivious to the truth of all these arrangements (it was so that I would be somewhat dressed up for what was to come). After, I finished lunch/getting my nails done with Kayla, I went home and started getting ready for our double date.

As we start walking down towards the dock for pictures, I noticed a large crowd of people. I was unable to make out what was going on until we got a little closer. Courtney tried several times during the walk to take my camera away from me which I thought was bizarre, but again didn't think much of it haha. As we got closer I could hear Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett playing and could see the dock lite up with candles in bags and people holding signs. I started to read the signs that said, "Will you marry...." once I read the word marry I began freaking out!! I tried turning around and running back to the car telling my friends to come! I was panicking because I thought we were about to walk up and ruin someone else's proposal. As I was trying to run back the car Nathan said, "Reba look at the guy?" I looked up to see Nate holding a sign that said "Me?", and I immediately began to bawl! To this day, we still laugh about the fact that Nate thought I was running away from his proposal lol. Thankfully my reaction was captured on video so I can always look back and laugh at myself and reminisce on that day.

Much Love, Reba Faye

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