Summer trend alert

Good morning babes!

My favorite summer trend has definitely been incorporating linen sets into the mix. This particular set has been a my absolute favorite. I love it so much I ordered it in 2 other colors. The only issue I do have with linen clothing is it does wrinkle fairly easy, but other than that I love how light and cool it feels.

Linen Set: Amazon || Crossbody Bag: Shop Stevie || Shoes: Shop Stevie || Sunglasses: Amazon

Story time about this photoshoot ->

While taking these photos a cop showed up and told us that we were not allowed to be on the top level of the public parking garage for pictures without a permit. Guess how much they want for the photography permit.... $500!! I still cannot believe they charge $500 dollars for you take pictures on the top level of this public parking garage. Crazyyy! Needless to say we quickly left and thanked the officer for letting us leave without a fine or anything. So if you are in Dallas be careful taking pictures in parking garages apparently they are being more strict and charging permits for most of them.

Hope you have a great day!

Much Love,

Reba Faye