Puppies and Pilates

There is no better way to workout than with cute puppies running around distracting you. I've never actually done Pilates, but really felt like it was a good workout and I may even try to add it into my weekly routine. Brittney, with Session Pilates, was an amazing instructor even through the chaos! Let's be honest though, the only reason I went to Pilates was to play with the cute puppies! I want to thank Ricki Beason Rescue Photography for hosting such an amazing event and Light Leak Studio for providing the space! I seriously wanted to take all of the puppies home with me and would have if my living space/lifestyle would have allowed it. If anyone is looking to add a sweet puppy to your family, look no further. These adoptable puppies are friendly, lovable, and cannot wait to join your family! All puppies from this event can be adopted through these rescues: The Love Pit, Rescue Row, and Astasia's Angels Animal Rescue.

I highly recommend branching out to try new things because this experience was just what the doctor ordered. My heart was beaming with joy when we left. I had so much fun, and I hope that these puppies find a loving family.

Much Love, Reba

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