MYX Fitness Experience

(Workout Bike: MYXfitness // Shirt: Outdoor Voices // Leggings: Outdoor Voices // Shoes: Adidas)

Good morning my dears!

Not going to lie, when I found out I was going to get to try out the MYX Fitness bike for a photoshoot, I did a major happy dance, followed up with uh-ooh can I pull this off? You see, the thing is, working out is not something I'm particularly fond of haha. It takes everything in me to go on walks with Nate and Marshall in the evenings and I mean EVERYTHING! Nate usually ends up bribing me with something. So when Victoria (the photographer) told me this photo session was to be interactive, meaning they wanted me to actually workout using the bike, I got a little nervous. Truth be told, I absolutely loved the workout!

Everyday I tell myself today is the day I am going to start working out again. Then as the day goes on, the gym just seems so far away. So if I had a gym waiting for me in my living room, that would be a different story. Nate and I had looked into getting something similar to this bike, but couldn't convince ourselves to pay its price point. As we kept looking we found MYX fitness bike and its AFFORDABILITY is what most intrigued me into accepting this photo shoot opportunity. Since we were already looking into MYX fitness I couldn't wait to try it out and see everything it had to offer.

(Workout bike w/ Swivel screen: MYXfitness // Sports bra: Outdoor Voices // Leggings: Outdoor Voices)

Let me tell ya, this bike did not disappoint! I thoroughly enjoyed the large variety of workouts available. My fear with purchasing any type of workout plan is that I will get bored of the same workout video. But MYX fitness has set up a system that will personalize your fitness workouts videos targeting cross training and cycling for your body to yoga and mediation for your mind. Plus, it helps that it's 1:1 coaching and their goal focuses on positive psychology coaching, because I need all the help when it comes to staying motivated.

A few other fun facts about this program that sets it a part from the others is its heart rate zone training. It's designed to create the right mindset with exercises, and your girl is all about the importance of mindset when it comes to anything!

I went into this photoshoot interested in the idea of purchasing a workout bike. After the photoshoot, I immediately texted Nate to tell him we needed this bike! It was easy to understand, fun, uplifting, and more importantly a great workout! 10/10 recommend MYX Fitness to all my friends and family! I truly loved this bike so much I actually reached out to the company after this photoshoot and asked if I could have a discount code for all of you! Good news, they gave me one!! Use code: Reba to get $150 off your purchase + free shipping, linking MYX Fitness here.

Much Love, Reba Faye




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