Minimum Effort, Maximum Style

Dress: Amazon / Shoes: Target / Hat: Target / Sunglasses: SoJos / Earrings: Lorenzzi

Hello Hello Hello,

Let's be honest it's not every day you feel like dressing up. For instance today I rolled out of bed with bags under my eyes, greasy hair, and a bloated stomach... to real? Well, sorry folks that's the truth. But that's why I'm happy to share this cute little outfit with all of you. The hat covers up my messed up hair, the sunglasses pairs well with dark circles, and the flowly comfort of this dress doesn't make my stomach feel uncomfortable. I could honestly live in this outfit. Also, a plus this dress is only $20. Be prepared to see this dress and hat show up several more times throughout this fall. Hope all of you have a minimal effort day with maximum style:)

Much Love, Reba Faye




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