Liam's Birth Story

It has definitely been a whirl wind of adventure thus far. Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted that we would have a kid. I have always been terrified of the idea of being pregnant and the delivery process, so this was never something I was like "YES let's do it!" That was until about 2 years ago when baby fever hit me. We wanted to start a family, but I still feared the pregnancy aspect. I prayed a lot about it and finally felt at peace about facing my fears to start trying for our little guy. It took 2 years for me to get pregnant, but honestly even with all the morning sickness, depression, pain, and the healing process it was 1,000 percent worth facing my fears for.

Liam Anderson has changed my life forever and in the best way possible!

We arrived at Baylor Scott Centennial Hospital at 5:30 am on May 21, 2022 for my c-section. I was soooo freaking nervous about the surgery aspect. The fear of feeling them cut into my skin kept me on edge! The nurses were absolutely amazing and kept reassuring me everything was going to be great and then when my doctor came in she also made me feel a lot calmer (you guys I cried while getting my blood drawn, haha that's how scared I am of needles/surgeries). At 7:30 am the actual procedure began. I am happy to share I could NOT feel a thing! Which was a weird experience to see my body being moved around, but not be able to feel any of it. Then at 7:50 am our little Lad was welcomed into this world. He weighed 6 lbs 11.6 oz and measured 19.25 inches long. It's still so crazy to me how fast the actual procedure was! It was funny to hear the nurses and our doctor be in complete awe of how much blood I didn't lose during the procedure. Apparently the average amount of blood lost during a c-section is around 500 mL and I only lost 22 mL, so that's pretty cool.

Getting to hold our healthy boy in my arms for the first time was truly the most magical moment of my life. Holding him immediately took away any stress I was feeling about the whole recovery process. Our first day together was pretty chill. Thankfully my mother in law prepared me by telling me they would be placing a catheter in me. That was a pretty weird experience because afterwards, I couldn't feel my legs/lower half of my body for most of the day so I stayed in bed all that day with a catheter in. And Liam being the little champ that he is didn't even cry while getting circumcised or his shots. He also got to meet both grandparents and his aunties on his birthday.

Day 2 was just as chill, but that night we did get to see a fussier side of him. He wanted to eat every hour of the night and let me tell ya that was exhausting!! Especially since I was still trying to figure out the whole breastfeeding thing, but we survived his cluster feedings :)

On the third, day we were discharged early that morning. The hospital was sooo sweet and brought us a celebratory lunch before departing. Let me tell ya... it was very good!! Nate had the steak and I had the lobster. They even brought us sparkling juice in flutes to make the moment more special. Speaking of the hospital I cannot RAVE enough about our experience there, with the nurses, and our doctor! To all the new mom's out there looking to find an OBGYN in the Dallas area, Dr. Nguyen at Frisco Obstetrics and Gynecology is ammmazing!

Since then we've been working to find our rhythm at home. The first night was rough and left both Liam, Nate and I in tears. But since then Nate and I finally have a somewhat system down that helped all of us out a lot. We will continue to take it day by day and enjoy every precious moment with our little Lad.

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