House Hunting Update

Good morning!

If you have been following along with my stories then you have seen me talk about trying to find a new house for a few months now. You guys, this market is insane! If you are currently trying to buy a house right now I feel your pain, especially if you are new home owners. But we know and trust that it's in God's timing so eventually we will find the right one. As an update, we are still looking, but have slowed down a ton. If we don't find anything within the next month then we will be hitting pause until next year.

We actually went to an open house on Saturday expecting to see it, but the realtor never showed up to start the open house. As we were about to leave a guy walked by and told us we should check out the house down the street that's still in the process of being flipped. We walked down there and Brian, the seller, was gracious enough to let us tour the house even while it was still mid flip. Let me tell ya... THIS HOUSE IS EVERYTHING WE COULD POSSIBLY WANT! Seriously, this is the one house Nate and I have have both fallen in love with! I'm hoping when they decide to put it on the market it's somewhat in our price range, haha. Because we will be the first to put in our offer!

We shall see...

I'm curious how many of you are also looking for a house? If so, have you found one and how long did you spend looking/putting in offers? Comment below, I would love to see your responses.

Much Love,

Reba Faye

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