Travel Diaries: Getaway House Dallas Style

Talk about needing an escape from reality. Even now, with Nate working from home and us spending more time at home, it can be hard finding time to relax. We started feeling trapped within our own walls. Covid has certainly dampened our travel plans this year, as I'm sure it has for many of you.

We knew we needed to take a vacation and wanted to find somewhere we felt safe removing our mask. Thus began our search for the perfect Getaway trip. As I began doing some research, I remembered a friend telling me about the Getaway Cabins located near Dallas. Within 3 minutes of being on their website (linked here) I knew this was the trip for us!

Truly, I am my happiest when I'm outside breathing in the fresh air, but lately it seems like anytime I go outside there are tons of others out there as well. I'm sure that's due to them also feeling trapped within their walls. Don't get me wrong, I fully support everyone getting outside and celebrating time spent in nature, but I knew I was going to love this trip because each cabin is secluded and creates a less crowded environment.

A week before our trip, we received an email confirmation with the address for our cabin and reminder for our check in/out times. Then 30 minutes before check in time we received a text message with our cabin name and key code to get in. When we pulled up our cabin I could start to feel my heart flutter in my chest. This cabin was perfect, talk about camping in style! It was extremely clean and organized. There was a small two-person table that had a welcome note, getaway guide/map, s'mores kit, doggie treats for Marshall, and a cell phone lock box neatly waiting for us. As you look around the cabin you will find the most gorgeous wilderness view outside the giant sized window (don't worry, the cabin does have sun blocking shades that can be pulled down as you sleep). In the kitchenette section you will find pots/pans, plates, cups, a tea pot, books, a radio, cards for games, lighter, can opener, mini refrigerator, and stove top. There were snacks and other food available for purchase, but we brought our own. We also brought our own firewood, but they do have log bundles ($6.50) and Kindling logs ($2.00) available for purchase. Full list of the provisions provided, linked here.

After our truck was unpacked, Nate, Marshall, and I decided to explore the area by going on short hike. Marshall was loving life and drooling all over the place, haha. It was during the hike when I realized this trip was exactly what we all needed. It took me back to a time when life was simple and I would play outside for hours with my brother and cousins. It's crazy how the little bit of fresh air completely opened my mind, diminishing any anxiety or concerns I may have been feeling before our trip.

After our walk we took a moment to cool off in our air conditioned cabin. Which was really nice because going on a hike at 4pm can be a really hot, especially in Texas. After cooling off we headed outside to build a camp fire, made chili cheese hot dogs, and of course s'mores. Is it even considered camping without s'mores!? We ended the night by dancing around the campfire and enjoyed being present in the moment.

** If visiting the Dallas Getaway location (Larue, TX), here are few other activities available within driving distances: True Vine Brewing Company (39 minutes), Lake Palestine (24 minutes), New York, Texas Zipline Adventures (16 minutes), and 3 P's in a Vine Winery and Vineyard (26 minutes). **

This trip was great for so many reasons! It was fun, relaxing, different, and provided an opportunity for Nate and I to really reconnect. For me personally, I left feeling recharged. I had been working myself to the point of delirium. No lie,the week before the trip I stayed up for 2 days straight because I convinced myself I needed to get (x,y,z) done and when I would tried to sleep, I would start thinking of all the things I could/should be doing. So this little glamping trip was a major reset for my sleep cycle, and for me mentally.

Lounge Set: Amazing Lace

I hope you find this post helpful for you to book your own recharge vacation. Feel free to ask me any questions about our stay. You can use code: "REBA" to get $25 off your next Getaway House vacation! This code will work for any of their locations and they have several (Atlanta, Austin + San Antonio, Boston, Charlotte + Raleigh, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh + Cleveland, Portland, and Washington, DC).

Much Love,

Reba Faye

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