Gearing up for The Bachelor tonight... Who's with me??

Happy Monday #BachelorNation fans!

Honestly, I only started watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette last year. Colton's season was the first season for me to watch and instantly became hooked! The only reason I even started watching it was because a lot of my co-workers were watching it and I wanted to be able to join in on the conversations. Who knew I would get sucked in! I've become such a fan I'm even thinking about watching all the season on Netflix. Haha, I know I have a real problem. How many of you watch The Bachelor? Do you have any favorites? Which seasons would you recommend I watch?

I couldn't help but bust out a rose crown for today's post. I think this dress from Target pairs pretty well with the roses.. how about you? Haha In all serious though, this rose headband was super simple to make and cost under $7 to make. To make it you will need to purchase items from a 99 Cent store or Dollar store and purchase 7 fake roses, a headband with holes, hot glue gun, and wire cutters. I couldn't actually find a headband at the dollar store but I was able to find one at Walmart. Instructions: Pull the rose out of the stem, and add hot glue to the bottom of the rose on the green plastic stem. Next, stick the rose through the hole of the headband and let it dry. Continue that step until all the holes are filled with roses. Next, fill in the hole with hot glue to ensure the flowers are secure. Then, take your wire cutters and cut remaining stem off so it doesn't poke your head. Wall-ah, you are done. I've also added a video on my Instagram that might better explain how to make the headband.

Alright, let's get ready for the first episode of Peter's season... eeeeeek I'm so excited!!

Much Love, Reba Faye




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