Feeling Wild for Layering in This Heat

Leather Jacket: Similar / Tank Top: Amazon / Heels: Express / Skirt: American Eagle / Phone Case: Amazon / Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Amazon

It's finally October, but where is the Fall temperatures? I spent the evening at Otto's Coffee shop this past weekend and tried to embrace a leather jacket to make the outfit look more complete in my eyes. No worries, I instantly regretted it after standing outside for 2 minutes. For the sake of keeping the outfit together I just decided to deal with the heat and stick my arms out of the jacket... are the cool kids are wearing their jackets like this right?? Hahah! Seriously though I think the whole not actually wearing your jacket style all started because someone got to hot, but still wanted to show it off. Sweating my bum off wasn't the only thing this outfit did for me, it also provided protection for my eyes. I found these awesome Blue Light Blocking Glasses on Amazon to help reduce eye straining from long exposure to computer/phone/TV screens. If I'm being honest I probably spend way more time starring at a screen then I should. I really have noticed a difference while wearing these. I can feel me straining less and I'm not sure if it has a correlation, but I've noticed I have been having fewer headaches. What's so cool about this particular pair of glasses is not only does it have a blue light blocking feature, but it also works as a pair sunglasses when in direct sunlight.

Protect your eyes today and word of advice don't try wearing a leather jacket until the temperatures get cooler. You will melt.

Much Love, Reba Faye




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