"Conscious Choices Never Go Out of Style"- Equa Water Bottles

(Equa: Water bottle & Faux Leather Cover)

Rise and Shine!!

In January I made it my mission to increase my water intake. Why? Because, before January I was lucky to have finished half a water bottle in one day. Most days I would only drink one or two sips and then would wake up around 2 am feeling like a dried up raisin! I knew it was time to make a healthy lifestyle change because waking up feeling extremely dehydrated was no longer cutting it!

My problem was that I wasn't motivated to drink water... sounds weird right? Not motivated, um hello it's one of the things that keeps you alive! That alone should have been motivating enough, but I needed a little extra help. Thus, began my search for a cute cup, or a water bottle that would remind me to drink. I can't be the only one who drinks more water when it's in a pretty bottle, right!?

During this search I discovered Equa Water Bottles! You guys need to check out their site because I am telling you their bottles are mega stylish! That's not even the best part. They have a Smart Bottle that literally glows when it's time for you to take a drink! How cool is that??All of my dreams came true with one bottle! The sad thing is, I got so distracted by their Mismatch Bloom glass bottle that I didn't even get the smart bottle, but it will be a future purchase because I could still use the extra reminder. I will

say though, my water has increased a lot since owning the Bloom glass bottle. I love its color and the detail of the flower on the bottle. I also ordered the Lava bottle cover for added protection, and plus it was way too cute not to get! Also, this lounge set is from Amazing Lace.

*** Side note: This post is not sponsored *** Sharing a product with you and writing a full post about a brand is two different things in my mind. When I share a product with you, it's because that particular product has brought me joy some how. So my hopes are that the product will also allow you to experience the same joy. When I share an entire brand with you, it's because not only has their products brought me joy, but the company itself has blown me away with their services, their mission, the quality of all their products, and their back story.

This would be one of those times I want to shout the Brand's name from a roof top! I'm beyond thrilled to share Equa with all of you! Their mission statement alone brought twinkles to my eyes. They believe in bringing together style, body awareness, the environment, and premium quality products that follow strict code of ethics for the greater good. All of their products are made with planet friendly materials. I follow along with their blog and love reading about the their tips and tricks for staying hydrated, empowered, and healthy. Also, I love a company that goes the extra mile for their cause and Equa not only shares tips/tricks, sells echo-friendly products, gives back to foundations, but they also actively take part in cleanup projects.

I hope you have an amazing and hydrated day!

Much Love,

Reba Faye

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