Date Night: Water Lantern Festival

When you're in a relationship it's important to find one on one time for one another. Nate and I normally get into a rut of doing the same things for date night. Our date nights normally include Netflix, dinner, or going to the movies. So it was cool to try something new and special. It gave us the chance to reconnect and have fun doing something different. The water lantern festival was breath taking. It was fun to decorate our lanterns and add our own personal touches to them. But what was really spectacular was when it got dark and everyone lite up their lantern. I don't know how else to express how peaceful it felt seeing all the lanterns float along the water. This date night will definitely be something I remember for a long time.

My advice to all you love birds out there make time for one another at least once a week. Plan something special occasionally so it helps to keep things fresh. Relationships aren't always easy and there will be times when you and your special someone will disagree on things, and it's important how you communicate with one another. Things are not always full of sunshine and that's okay because it doesn't make your love or overall happiness together any less real. Be real with one another, talk things out, and remember to have fun:)

I've linked our video here for anyone who would like to watch our adventures at the Lantern Festival:)

Much Love, Reba


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