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Graphic Tee: Chic NYC

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Does anyone else watch or see posts from fashion week in New York and think to yourselves, I wish I could own clothes like that? Well I'm hoping I can make some of your dreams come true. I've teamed up with Chic NYC, so you too can be a fashionista. Chic NYC is a runway fashion boutique that provides clothing that is in style, comfortable, and chic. Side note: because they are a runway fashion boutique I want to warn you that this means you will not get your clothing in a speedy manner, but you will not be disappointed with the quality of clothing and promise it is well worth the wait. They have tons of great graphic tees, dresses,tops, bottoms, jackets, gowns, sun glasses, jewelry, shoes, and handbags. Use promo code RebaFaye to receive 20% off your order. Also, if you buy the graphic tee I'm wearing in this post you will have the chance to win tickets to a Runway Fashion Show located in one of their major cities. I can't wait to see you all working your own personal runway styles:)

Much Love, Reba Faye




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