Which Baltic Born Style Are You: Light or Dark??

Hello loves,

It's been a minute since I've shared a fashion post, so I'm a tad excited to share this one with all of you! I've recently discovered a boutique, called Baltic Born, that had my jaw dropping! No lie, I had to hide my debit card because I may have tried to spend my entire paycheck here. Yesterday, I did a try on session showcasing there Cha Cha (taupe/black) Print Maxi Dress. This beauty is perfect for a special event, a photo session, or simply a date night. Pair it with a hat, leather jacket, or some booties.... whatever makes you happy, because one thing is for sure you're going to want to wear it all season long! I ended up ordering both the taupe and the black because I had such a hard time choosing a favorite, haha. So maybe you will have better luck than me at making a decision. And if not, it's okay that just means you will end up having two gorgeous dresses! I have linked the outfits below, check it out when you get the chance! The taupe dress has been selling out fast so don't wait too long. I hope each of you are healthy, and are finding your happiness even in the amidst the peculiar circumstances we face this holiday season!

Much Love, Reba Faye




Photographer: Katie Rosebraugh

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