Arizona Grand Resort & Spa: Anniversary Trip

Updated: May 8

Nate and I made a pact when we got married that instead of giving each other anniversary gifts we would take trips for our anniversary. I love doing this because it provides us with new opportunities to reconnect each year. I feel like sometimes married couples can get stuck in our own routines, and conversational topics. While on vacation, things are new which helps create new dialogue, all the distractions of our normal routines are gone allowing us to refocus on each other, and plus it's fun exploring somewhere new! And who doesn't need a little fun in their life?!

I received lot's of questions as to where we stayed while in Phoenix, so without further ado, here is my full review of our stay at Arizona Grand Resort & Spa.


First off, Arizona Grand Resort & Spa was phenomenal! It is a resort geared towards families, but it was still a great place for couples because it truly had it all. We stayed in their Villa suits which were centrally located and perfect walking distance to their oasis and the Lobby restaurant. One night after dinner, we took a stroll around the resort and found the cutest area with palm trees lit up. Be warned, the resort is massive and you will definitely want to bring your walking shoes.

(We flew into the Phenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and used Lyft while there. The resort is 12 minutes from the airport).

Swimsuit: Amazon // Dress: Red Dress // Purse: Milk + Honey


At the Resort: We ate breakfast and dinner at their Lobby bar both of which were good. Due to Covid, their menu was limited. There is a Marketplace Cafe, however, that offers Starbucks and smaller breakfast goodies such as muffins, yogurt, pastries, and sandwiches. For lunch we ate at the Oasis Bar & Grill on our pool day. The food was pricey at both places, but they made up for it by giving a larger quantity.

Rustler's Rooste: This is a steakhouse with an Old West atmosphere. There was a live band playing country music and I was very much there for it! The waiting list was pretty long on a Saturday night, and they don't take reservations, so be ready to hang out for a bit. You can order your food at the bar though, which we did, so we were able to skip the wait. You can get to Rustler's Rooste by either walking up a long hilled path from the resort or do like we did and catch a ride on the shuttle at the resort (definitely suggest the latter).

Perfect Pear Bistro: For lunch one day, we ate at this cute bistro that had the best combination of hummus and nachos! The French Pantry is defiantly worth trying as well!

Four Peaks Brewery Company- This place was a 10 out of 10! Highly recommend visiting if you're in the Phoenix area! The Cuban sandwich was so freaking good!

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Bronzed Set: Milk + Honey // Sunglasses: Amazon

Black Set: Amazon // Shoes: Back Country // Socks: Amazon // Sunglasses: Amazon

- Relax at the Oasis. There, you will find a wave pool, 3 big slides, splash pad area, tons of lounging chairs, pool, water volleyball and basket ball area, big hot tub, lazy rive, Oasis bar and grill, & cabanas. Every Friday and Saturday night they play a movie for the kids in the pool area when it gets dark.

- Swim at the pools. There is an adult pool with hot tub area that only allows 21's and over in (it was typically empty due to so many families going to the Oasis), there are also pools located through out the resort closer to each little villa/suit area, and they all have hot tubs too!

- Work out at their Athletic club. It's a super nice gym.

- Golf. The golf course is sooooo nice! I'm not even into golf and had tons of fun. It starts up the front near the resort by lots of water, then continues out into the desert area at the base of South Mountain Preserve. To reserve a Tee time the prices range according to the time of day. We golfed at 11am and paid $35. And to rent golf clubs it was an additional $50.

- Hike. You can walk from the resort to the hiking trails at South Mountain Preserve. You can also rent a bike from the resort to go biking on the trails.

- Get pampered. Unfortunately their Spa was closed due to Covid reasons, but it is supposed to be top notch!

Overall, it was a great vacation! Definitely somewhere we would consider going back to, probably when we have a kids. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section and I'll get back to you!

Much Love,

Reba Faye




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