1 Over-sized Flannel & 5 Different Styles

When I saw this over-sized flannel from Revolve, I new immediately I must have it! I know, I know, it's not quit fall, especially in Texas. Plenty of warmer days are still ahead of us, but you can never have too much flannel. With Fall and Winter around the corner, I've slowly been preparing and rearranging my closet to fit my warmer clothing. This flannel shirt is going to look SO CUTE paired with a pumpkin, I'm just saying:)

"A Flannel A Day Keeps the Basics Away"

Who doesn't like flannel!? Seriously, when I think flannel my heart starts to pound with excitement because in my head, flannel equals fall scents, gorgeous fall tones, pumpkins, cooler weather, and of course EVERYTHING apple & pumpkin spice flavored (my fave)! This casual comfy style is great for running all your everyday errands. Plus, its cozy enough to lounge around in as well.

(Wearing a size small in white top, and leggings. An x-small in flannel)

"Did You Say Exercise? I Thought You Said Bring The Flannel"

This sports bra crop top and workout leggings have easily become my favorite workout gear. The leggings are only $25. These leggings fit and feel just like a my Lullulemon leggings, but way cheaper! Add this over-sized flannel on top to make the perfect flare of style and warmth. If it's still too hot to wear it over your workout set, simply tie it around your waist. It will give your outfit an added stylish flare.

(I'm 5'2" wearing a size small in crop top, and leggings. An x-small in flannel)

"Fashion Fades, Flannel is Forever"

This outfit is by far one my favorite of the 5 and will probably be worn several times throughout the season. It's perfect for going to dinner, hanging with the girls, or walking around a pumpkin patch (basically any picturesque moment, haha). As the temperature gets cooler, I will switch out the wedge sandals for some booties. I particularity like the over-sized aspect of this shirt, and wanted it to fit loose.

"I Literally Can 'Knot' Get Over The Comfort of This Flannel"

This girl loves her puns, haha. Because this shirt is over-sized, it makes it easy for tying up into a knot. I paired it with a pair of black jeans to keep things simple. This would honestly be my casual meeting up with friends for game night type of outfit.

"Channel Your Flannel"

If outdoor concerts were a thing right now, this would be what I wore. Flannel shirts look so stylish paired with shorts. You can either leave it buttoned like I did, or even unbutton it and add a t-shirt underneath. The main thing to remember when you wear flannel is not to over-brighten your look by wearing a fancy/bright colored shirt under the unbuttoned shirt. If you are wanting a little bit more sass or attitude with the outfit, add a chunky necklace, a hat, combat boots, and a fanny pack.

(Fanny Pack completely custom made by Three Ferns Bags)

That about sums it up! Honestly, you could probably create TONS of other options! Flannel shirts are one of the most easiest things to play around with when it comes to creating different looks.

Much Love,

Reba Faye

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