15 Date Night Ideas

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With Valentine's Day around the corner, I wanted to share a couple different date night ideas that could be used to celebrate the holiday, but more importantly can be used year round:) Love isn't something that should be celebrated once a year, so I'm hoping this list will help you keep the spark alive year round. Nate and I try to make it our goal to have date night at least once a month, but sometimes our lives get hectic. Some of these ideas we have tried ourselves, while others are future date nights or ideas I found and thought, how fun!

Date Night #1

Try out a new recipe together- Nate loves to cook and well I could always use more lessons, haha. This is always a fun idea to try something new for the both of you. Get in the kitchen together, turn on some music, share a bottle of wine while you cook, and enjoy something new. You never know, this new recipe may become your favorite meal solely based on the memory it created. If you don't feel like cooking at home, Central Market offers fun cooking classes that you can enjoy together!

Date Night #2

Get outdoors and have a picnic- Just to be clear, our picnics do not typically look as glamorous as these photos, haha. It may sound cheesy, but seriously go on hike and bring along items to have a picnic. You already plan on eating lunch or dinner at some point in the day so why not go out of your way to make it more intimate or different from your norm of eating at your home/restaurant.

Date Night #3

Role Play- Now this does not need to be dirty, but if that's where you want to take it then I say go for it! Role playing can either be something you do at your house behind closed doors, or something as simple as re-creating your first date or pretending to be strangers.

Date Night #4

Participate in your partners hobby- The key thing to remember is to put a smile on your face, put on your happy pants without zero complaints, and really try to be present and enjoy your partners choice of date night whether that be video games, binge watching a show, taking pictures, going for a walk... etc. The point of this date night is to do something your significate other loves, but do it together.

Date Night #5

Spice up your at home movie night- Go all out for movie date night. The whole point of date night is changing things up. So instead of sitting on the couch and turning on the movie, put a little more effort in preparing this movie night by either making popcorn (maybe even add in some M&M's to really change things up), build a blanket fort in the living room and watch the movie in the fort, set up a projector outside and watch the movie in your backyard, or go to a drive in movie theater instead of a regular theater.

Date Night #6

Paint together- Go to your closest art supply store and buy paints, canvas, and find a picture online y'all would like to re-create. Then set up the materials maybe even pair the event with a charcuterie board, a bottle wine, or your favorite beverage. Painting with a Twist or any other painting class is also another great option.

Date Night #7

Have a nerf gun or marshmallow fight- Surprise your partner with a nerf gun and fun note, "Welcome home, dear. Two things you should know: 1- this is gun is yours 2- I have one too. You have 007 seconds until you're under attack," when they get home from work to kick date night off.

Date Night #8

Have your own fondue, dessert, or wine/beer taste testing- Nate and I have always loved going to a wine test tasting. Find something you both like to eat or drink and turn it into a taste testing of your own. You can always check out these local wine/cider/dessert spots in the Dallas area: Bingham Family Vineyards , Grapevine Vintage Railroad Wine Train, Locust Cider & Brewing, Emporium Pies, Checkered Past Winery, Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant, and Bishop Cidercade.

Date Night #9

Plan your next trip/go on a trip- This might be my personal favorite date night, haha. Our last trip we planned was to the Getaway house. If you're looking to getaway from your daily routine, The Getaway House is definitely something worth looking into, code 'REBA' will get you $25 off your stay.

Date Night #10

Get to know each other- Sounds simple enough. You may be asking yourself, "What if we already know everything about one another?" That might be true, but just in case you don't, I have complied a list of questions that might be fun to go through and ask one another on your next date night. List linked, here!

Date Night #11

Smash Things/Splatter Paint- What better way to relieve stress and have fun together? A friend told me about this fun place called Smash N Bash that allows you to quite literally smash and break things for fun. They also have a splatter bash option that allows you to go wild and throw paint anywhere and everywhere. We haven't done this one yet, but it's definitely on my list! If you don't live in this area then I recommend searching for something similar in your area:)

Date Night #12

Gondola Ride- This is a local date for DFW area. We actually haven't tried it yet, but it looks like a ton of fun and totally plan to make a reservation at Gondola Adventures once the weather is warmer. Sail away on a private gondola trip and enjoy one of their different packages such as their dinner, dessert, breakfast, or lunch cruise.

Date Night #13

Plan a romantic dinner- It may sound cheesy, but isn't that what date nights are all about?! Light some candles, buy some flowers, turn on some music, and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Date Night #14

Go skydiving or ride in a hot air balloon- We actually went on a hot air balloon for our 2nd anniversary and we loved every minute of it! I'm afraid of heights so I was a tad nervous when the balloon started leaving the ground, but being up there and seeing the world below us was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. I definitely think it's something everyone should experience once. We booked with ROHR Balloons. We haven't been sky diving yet, but we have gone indoor skydiving with iFly and had a lot of fun!

Date Night #15

Karaoke Party- I cannot hold a tune to save my life, but this was Nate's suggestion haha. It could be fun though to go out and be silly while singing your heart out. Another option is to create a karaoke night at your house with lyric YouTube videos, which I'm hesitant to say we've also done more times than I'd like to admit.

We are always looking for fun new ideas, so if you have any suggestions please share them below:)

Much Love, Reba Faye

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